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The Delaware Environmental Monitoring & Analysis Center (DEMAC) is pleased to be a part of the following collaborative research projects:

Development Of A High Water Mark Database And Display System For Coastal Flooding Events In Delaware

Project Contact(s): John Callahan, Kevin Brinson, Christina Callahan
flooding on roadway
High water marks (HWMs), typically observed as water stains on building walls or debris lines on the street or beach, are arguably the best method for capturing the maximum depth and extent of a flood. They are also used to help in disaster recovery planning and allocation of insurance claims, among others. Together with maximum measurements during a storm from traditional tidal gages (also known as peak storm tides), HWMs are excellent resources for validating hydrodynamic models, such as Delaware Bay Operational Forecast System (DBOFS, used in the Delaware Coastal Flood Monitoring System) and the NOAA ET-Surge model, assessing the severity of a storm, and developing planning procedures. There is no formal collaboration among Delaware organizations in the collection of HWMs or technical infrastructure in place for sharing HWMs or peak storm tide data with each other or the public. This project aims to collect, analyze, and provide public access to HWM data for Delaware.

Development of a Comprehensive Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring Capability for the Delaware Inland Bays

Project Contact(s): Daniel J. Leathers, Kevin Brinson, Christina Callahan
In an effort to better monitor the State’s changing environment, DEMAC is collaborating with the Delaware Environmental Observing System (DEOS), the Office of the Delaware State Climatologist, the Delaware Geological Survey and several State Agencies. The goal of this project is to develop a comprehensive real-time water quality monitoring capability for the Delaware Inland Bays through the installation of a real-time station with meteorological and water quality monitoring capacity at a site to be chosen by relevant parties. All real-time and summary-level data will be accessible and displayed on the Delaware Environmental Observing System (DEOS) or Delaware Environmental Monitoring and Analysis Center (DEMAC) websites.

Delaware Environmental Monitoring Sites Portal

Project Contact(s): Christina Callahan, John Callahan
Delaware Environmental Monitoring Sites
This mapping application shows current and some past environmental monitoring efforts throughout the State of Delaware and the surrounding states. A focus of this application is to show meteorological, groundwater, tidal, and water quality monitoring sites. Most sites are linked to a page that will either provide data for that site or further contact information.

Delaware Aerial Data Distribution

Project Contact(s): Christina Callahan, John Callahan
Delaware Aerial Data Distribution
Delaware aerial photography collection dates back to the 1930's. Through a collaborative effort, DEMAC provides a mechanism for aerial photography downloads. Multiple options are available for aerial data consumption including image map services, tile data downloads, and the GeogExplorer. For more information, visit the Aerial Data page.

Delaware Water Quality Portal

Project Contact(s): Kevin Brinson, Christina Callahan
Delaware Water Quality Portal
The Delaware Water Quality Portal is a web-based tool for the visualization and analysis of data from long term water quality monitoring sites in Delaware. Water quality data are provided through the National Water Quality Monitoring Council’s Water Quality Portal ( Currently the Delaware Water Quality Portal contains data from Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC), Delaware Ambient Statewide Surface Water Quality Monitoring Program (21DELAWQ_WQX), Delaware River Basin Commission Delaware Estuary Boat Run Program (31DELRBC_WQX), and DNREC Delaware Recreational Water Quality Monitoring Program (21DEBCH).

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