High Water Mark Data

Historical storm event data were aggregated from tide gage observations, published reports, local agency records, and other sources. Observed HWM and storm tide data has been calibrated across the spatial dimensions.

Post-event field observations of HWMs noting the possible influence of waves on the water surface elevations, on georeferencing methods, and other characteristics are added to each record, as needed.

Below are two methods for browsing Delaware HWM data: search by event or station. Sometimes it is important to see the impact of an event on an area, while on other occasions, it is helpful to see how a station has changed over time.

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Search features include:

  • Event summary metadata
  • Interactive map showing all records for that event
  • Filtered searching
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View Data By Station

Search features include:

  • Station metadata
  • Time slider
  • Filtered searching
  • Export data to csv, pdf, etc.

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Questions about the data?

If you have questions about the data archived in this database, please feel free to contact us.

Data Access by Agency

Download Data

Download the full database of all HWM events in Excel format (.xlsx).