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Development of a Comprehensive Real Time Water Quality Monitoring Capability for the Delaware Inland Bays

Project Status: Active
Project Contacts: Daniel J. Leathers, Kevin Brinson, Christina Callahan

As part of a cooperative effort between the Office of the Delaware State Climatologist, the Delaware Geological Survey and several State Agencies to better monitor the State’s changing environment, this project will begin to develop a comprehensive real-time water quality monitoring capability for the Delaware Inland Bays.

This project will incorporate current monitoring efforts into a publicly accessible website, and will promote coordination between state agencies and local NGOs to determine monitoring needs in the Delaware Inland Bays and appropriate locations for additional monitoring instrumentation.

The proposed work will include the installation of a real-time station with meteorological and water quality monitoring capacity at a site to be chosen by relevant parties. This site will provide a foundation for additional research instrumentation and will be placed in a highly monitored basin to be used as a reference for other basins in the Delaware Inland Bays watershed. All real-time and summary-level data will be accessible and displayed on the Delaware Environmental Observing System (DEOS) or Delaware Environmental Monitoring and Analysis Center (DEMAC) websites.

The proposed work will leverage the personnel competencies and the data holdings of the Office of the Delaware State Climatologist (ODSC), the DEOS, the Delaware Geological Survey (DGS) and the DEMAC.

For more information on the current monitoring efforts in and around the Delaware Inland Bays:

  • Delaware monitoring sitesenvmonitoringsites.png
    This mapping application shows current and some past environmental monitoring efforts throughout the State of Delaware and the surrounding states. A focus of this application is to show meteorological, groundwater, tidal, and water quality monitoring sites. Most sites are linked to a page that will either provide data for that site or further contact information.

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